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The professional claim attachment trigger file included in the April 2013 ( PC-ACE Pro32 release was missing several long-standing CLIA trigger entries.

You may be experiencing the following symptom, or may have been instructed by your software distributor to apply this update patch.

Symptom: After updating to the April 2013 ( release, the expected CLIA attachment tab is not being automatically displayed when certain HCPCS codes are entered on the professional claim service line. These specific HCPCS codes triggered the CLIA attachment tab in previous releases.

Resolution: Close PC-ACE Pro32 and click on the following link to download and install a patch that will correct this problem.

Download Now Download Update Patch Now

The download must be performed from the computer used to bill your claims. You can run the program directly from the browser's download dialog or save the program file to your Windows desktop and then execute it from there. Once the update program is running, simply click the "Next" button several times to perform the update. Click the "Finish" button to complete the process. If you saved the CLIAFIX.EXE program file to your desktop, you should delete it once it has been successfully installed.

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